Paper, Supplemental, Talk Files

Below are links to the work.

3DFlow: SIGGRAPH 2015 (26.7MB), tech report (26.0MB, old)

Supplemental Document: contains visualizations for all tested workflows. The workflows were created using instrumented software, from pulling file commits from a repository, and by the artist periodically saving their work. SIGGRAPH 2015 (26.7MB), tech report (112.5MB, old)

Other Supplemental Materials (.zip files): all data (1.2GB), analysis (119.3MB), source and some data (505.5MB), webgl viewer with some data (34.6MB, old, see below), submitted supplemental (922.9MB)

SIGGRAPH 2015 Talk: pdf

Videos on YouTube


Alien comparison between timelapse and 3DFlow summarized.

Gorilla comparison between timelapse and 3DFlow summarized.

Monster comparison between timelapse and 3DFlow summarized.

Monster workflow exported from 3DFlow, imported in Blender, and rendered with Cycles.

(new) WebGL Interactive Viewer

Below are links to 3DFlow data visualized using the WebGL viewer. Some of the data is very large, so the web server may kill the connection. The viewer is only proof of concept, and it could use some major optimizations. Specifically, the mesh data is stored as a Javascript text file.


Biped: meshflow level-6, 3dflow-nonlinear full, uniform10 level-1

Durano: 3dflow-nonlinear full

Helmet: 3dflow-nonlinear full

Monster (large!): 3dflow-nonlinear full, 3dflow-nonlinear powers-2

Shark: 3dflow-nonlinear full

(old) WebGL Interactive Viewer

Our proof-of-concept interactive viewer has implemented only a limited set of features, but there is no technical reason why all features could not be implemented. The viewer has been tested to run in the latest version of Chrome and Firefox.

In the top-left corner, you will see two range bars. The first range specifies the time, where the leftmost position represents the beginning of the workflow and the rightmost position is the end. The second range specifies the level of summarization, where the leftmost position indicates the lowest level of summary (original workflow) and the rightmost is the highest (most summarized). To reduce the storage, transfer, and memory requirements, only a subset of the summary levels are provided in this viewer.

Note: you may notice a pause when changing the level of summary on the larger datasets. This is normal.

The top-right corner shows a histogram of the edits in the current step. If the level of summary is not the lowest (leftmost position), there may be many edits summarized in the step.

Added or modified geometry is highlighted in green.

LMB: Rotate camera. Shift+LMB: Pans camera. Ctrl+LMB: Dolly camera in/out.

Helmet (1.6MB), modeled using instrumented software.

Hydrant (5.0MB), modeled using instrumented software.

Shark (1.7MB), modeled using instrumented software.

Monster (78.5MB), sculpted with dynamic tessellation using instrumented software.

Creature (35.0MB), created by modeling and saving periodically.

Durano (1.2MB), created by modeling and saving periodically.

All workflow data is properly cited in the Tech Reports above. Great thanks go to the original artists and tutorial creators!