GameJam S2024 Game Voting

Rank all the games for each of the categories.

Dr. Denning will judge the games based on the following two judging criteria.

The games are initially shuffled to reduce bias.

If games below are blank, click .

Note: Long-press the up/down buttons to move game to very top/bottom.


Rank the games based on how well it interacted with or incorporated the theme. Note: theme interaction can be "clever".

The theme is: The more you have, the worse it is.


Rank the games based on how fun it was to play or to watch being played.


Rank the games based on how complete it felt. A complete game includes essential parts such as a title screen, end screen (win / lose), and brief instructions and is free of bugs. Complete games can also include points, a countdown timer, a story / motivation / reason for the game, clear indicators of progress or failure, etc.


Rank the games based on its visuals. Visuals include artwork such as title and end screen artwork, character sprites, backgrounds, and props. Visuals also includes visual effects like sparks, dust, rain, etc., as well as "game juice".

Consider the novelty and cohesiveness of the visuals.


Rank the games based on its audio. Audio includes sound effects and music.

Consider the novelty and cohesiveness of the audio.


Indicate whether the game felt like it would be playable on an arcade cabinet.

Consider the inputs (joystick, buttons, trackball), spectator fun factor (would it be fun to watch someone play this on an arcade), pace (could you play a quick round of this game just before chapel), replayability, etc.


Enter the voting submission password, and then tap SUBMIT.